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Community Map

[{‘type’: ‘text/html’, ‘language’: ‘en’, ‘base’: ‘https://hpc-social.github.io/news/2022/community-map/’, ‘value’: ‘<p>After an evening coding session, we are happy to announce that the community map\n (and associated automation) is live!\nThis post will capture the screenshot of the first set of entries, which is what\nwe wanted to write about. This was only announced days ago (and we only have a few entries)\nbut we are taken aback by the (so far) geographic diversity of the HPC community!\nSo far with a small number of entries, we are hitting the community in Europe,\nthe United States, and even South America. This is awesome!</p> \n\n<p>Finally, we’ve added a new field for a group URL to the map form page ! \nIf you’ve already provided your group don’t worry - we looked it up for you, but future groups will\nbe able to provide their group website URLs to automatically appear on the map\nalongside the popup. What fun would it be to browse groups without being able\nto look closer? 🤔️</p> \n\n<p>We have more to come, but this is a quick update before the break. Happy\nholiday break to our HPC community, whether you eat turkey or not, do something else,\nor are just using it as a glorious time to rest or do fun things. 🎉️</p> ‘}]