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Adam’s weekly update, 2022-11-27

What’s new

The first thing that’s new is… this post! I’m going to try to do at least a weekly post on the blog now, just a general update and some links. This will hopefully help me get back into the habit of writing on the blog regularly, and maybe inspire me to write a bit more in general.

I was off work this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, and traveled Michigan to visit my parents and my brother’s family. My mom has been struggling with some pretty major health issues this year, so it was really wonderful and reassuring to get to spend some time with her and my dad. I also finally got to meet my brother’s three-year-old son, who was born right before the pandemic started, and who I hadn’t managed to meet up until now.

On the tech-related front, I used this week to take a break from Twitter (mostly), and to be honest… it was kinda refreshing! I had developed a pretty bad Twitter habit this year, doomscrolling for more time than I like to admit. While I really like Twitter and I’ve had some nice career boosts from it, it was also a time sink that was not entirely healthy.

Admittedly, that time was somewhat replaced by playing around on the Fediverse / Mastodon. But with the lack of algorithmic suggestions, quote tweets, and other means of virality, that network so far feels a lot quieter and less time-consuming than Twitter. Tim Bray has a good post up which discusses some of the advantages and pitfalls of federated social media, and I can highly recommend reading that. I’m still a bit skeptical that it will be a practical “Twitter replacement” for most people, but so far I’m finding it pleasant.

What I’m reading

Recent recipes

Because it was Thanksgiving, I did a lot of cooking this week! I’m not going to list everything I made, but a few of my favorites were:

Pet photos

Gotta have those pet photos.

A blond golden doodle in a red harness and a blue bandanna lays on sandy dirt and looks into the camera
A white calico cat sits on a blanket and washes her front paw
A gray-brown tabby cat wearing a green collar sitting on a wall, looking vaguely toward the camera