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The web services I self-host

Why self-host anything?

In a lot of ways, self-hosting web services is signing up for extra pain. Most useful web services are available in SaaS format these days, and most people don’t want to be a sysadmin just to use chat, email, or read the news.

In general, I decide to self-host a service if one of two things is true:

Infrastructure and general tooling

Right now my self-hosted services are hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for a very simple reason: OCI includes a very generous Always Free tier, which doesn’t even ask for a credit card! So I’m confident I’m not going to accidentally spend any money. I use ARM Ampere A1 Compute instances for service hosting.

The individual services are mostly managed using Docker Compose files, though a few are just running bare-metal. I have so far managed to resist the urge to put everything in Kubernetes.

Everything is backed up on a regular basis using Tarsnap.

I also use Tailscale to provide a VPN between my cloud servers and my various client devices (phone, laptop, tablet). If a service needs to be exposed to the public Internet to function, I do that… but otherwise, everything is only exposed within the Tailscale VPN, so that only my own devices can access them. This is both a lovely convenience (not having to manage as many DNS records), and provides an extra degree of security by hiding services that no one else needs to access.

Services that I self-host

Services where I use managed hosting but don’t own the server