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About the hpc.social Community Blog

This belongs in the hpc.social family of blogs. In particular, this is an aggregated feed of commercial posts that meet the following criteria:

The commercial blog space is for vendor and company voices that don’t fit in the personal or community spaces. We advocate for learning resources, tutorials, and related content, and encourage contributors to not use this as an advertising space.

The hpc.social blogs aims to share ideas, news, and stories from diverse people, centers and groups across the High Performance Computing (HPC) community. Whether you are an advanced practitioner, a developer that touches HPC, or a novice, your voice is welcome here. This community blog reflects exactly that - a syndicated feed of our community voices. It’s one places that you can subscribe to via a variety of channels (below) and also follow instructions to contribute a commercial feed.

As a word of caution, we curate authors at the point of adding the blog, but do not regularly curate individual posts that are added nightly via automation. The opinions expressed here are owned by the authors and do not reflect the opinion of the hpc.social community at large. Offensive or inappropriate posts should be reported to info@hpc.social if you wish to report anonymously. You can also submit a pull request to remove the offending feed if you are comfortable doing so publicly.