Join one of our chat spaces to talk directly to the community members

Although “tweets” or “toots” are a good venue for conversation, sometimes we crave something a little more real time. Toward that goal, we support a set of community chat spaces. Since we are experimenting and getting feedback about each of these spaces, expect some toil in terms of change. If you want to discuss one of these tools or suggest changes, please let us know via an issue or discussion.


or if you already have an account,

We can’t wait to see you in the slack!



If your preference is for Discord, we have a small community of HPC practitioners and friends already there. We look forward to seeing you!

For both of the above, we are currently supporting these invitation links for you to use freely, and note that our moderators are watching for new community members that join to ensure that bots or otherwise spam is not an issue. If we detect malicious use of the links, we will remove them and require joining by more manual means.

IRC (#hpc on

If you empathize with xkcd #1782 - Team Chat, you’re welcome to join the #hpc channel on It’s a small, laid back group of HPC practioners and friends who prefer the quaint world of IRC.

The #hpc IRC channel is not officially affiliated with or any other group or project.