We support our community podcasts that feature members of the HPC community!

The following podcasts have featured members of HPC community, and are listed in alphabetical order. Want to add a podcast to this list? Let us know!

Developer Stories

As developers, we get excited to think about challenging problems. When you ask us what we are working on, our eyes light up like children in a candy store. So why is it that so many of our developer and software origin stories are not told? How did we get to where we are today, and what did we learn along the way? This podcast aims to look “Behind the Scenes of Tech’s Passion Projects and People.” We want to know your developer story, what you have built, and why. We are an inclusive community - whatever kind of institution or country you hail from, if you are passionate about software and technology you are welcome!

Recent episodes that featured HPC community projects and people have included:

And browse more episodes at the show site!. Information about the show and how to be featured as a guest is on the about page.

Let’s Talk Exascale

ECP’s Let’s Talk Exascale podcast goes behind the scenes to chat with some of the people who are bringing a capable and sustainable exascale computing ecosystem to fruition. Discussions revolve around the challenges, successes, and expected impact of the project.

Recent episodes that featured HPC projects included:

  • Episode 100: Reflecting on the ‘Why’ behind Supercomputing Simulations: Advancing Science
  • Episode 99: ECP’s WarpX Team Successfully Models Promising Laser Plasma Accelerator Technology
  • Episode 98: Providing Exascale-Class Multiphysics Simulation Capability to Multiple Science Domains

Contact the Let’s Talk Exascale podcast at ECP-communications@ornl.gov

Science in Parallel

Science in Parallel focuses on the people of computational science and their interdisciplinary research to simulate climate change and the cosmos, understand viral infections, build alternative energy strategies and more – all using high-performance computing (HPC). Season 1 celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) program and was shortlisted for 2022 Best Technology Podcast from the Publisher Podcast Awards. Season 2 will highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped computational science workplaces and careers, with in-depth conversations about HPC’s future. Science in Parallel Season 2 focused on HPC workforce and workplace changes since 2020. Notable episodes include:

  • Future of Work Part 1 and Part 2 examine the impact of remote work on computational science and HPC and featured Elaine Raybourn of Sandia National Laboratories among others.
  • Two PhDs + Pandemic + Baby features an interview with two computational science Ph.D. students who talk about how COVID-19 shaped their career paths and perspectives on life and work.
  • In You’re Moving to Finland? Jeff Hammond of NVIDIA discusses career changes and his big move to Finland in 2021.
  • Improving Computing Performance and Workforce Diversity features an interview with Valerie Taylor of Argonne National Laboratory about the Threadwork project and her work to support underrepresented communities in computing.
  • Pushing Limits in Computing and Biologyfeatures an interview with Anda Trifan (now a computational sciences investigator at GSK) and Amanda Randles of Duke University.

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