Good First Issues

Good First Issues

If you are looking to contribute to research software or HPC software see the board here!

Inspired by an early rseng project that would automatically curate a list of Good First Issues from a list of repositories of interest, we combined this with the Research Software Encyclopedia, and the result is an entirely automated site that (nightly) looks for new issues tagged with “good first issue” across many thousands of repositories, and also (once a week) adds new repositories to the set.

How does it work?

The Research Software Encyclopedia “RSEPedia” is updated weekly from a large set of research software registries, including (but not limited to) JoSS, ROpenSci, and You can see the complete listing here. When this update happens, metadata for new research software repositories is added to the RSEPedia site, programmatically available as JSON, making it easy to query this file and look for new repositories. To learn more about the research software encyclopedia, you can read the paper here.

New Contributors

If you are a new contributor, we welcome you to browse the issue board and look for an exciting project to contribute to!


While the repos that are present are automatically added, we support and encourage manual addition of repositories. If you are a maintainer, you can open a pull request to add your repository to this file or open an issue and someone can do it for you.